Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to take your course?

The cost is $9.99 plus tax

How long do I have to take the course?

Once you’ve paid you’ll have 48 hours to complete the course. Average time needed is 1.5 hours.

What if I don't complete it within 48 hrs.?

You have an option to continue your access to the course by paying another $9.99 fee.

How often do I need to take the course?

Every two years.

Will my manager accept my certificate?

Yes, because it’s a state accredited course.

How do I get a COPY of my food handler certificate?

Anytime during the next two years you can LOGIN and click PRINT MY CERTIFICATE to get a COPY of your food handler certificate.  You can also SAVE YOUR CERTIFICATE on your hard drive as PDF for printing at your convenience.  Website assistance to reproduce copies of certificates will cost the same as taking the course again.  SAVE YOUR CERTIFICATE COPY in case it gets lost or you change jobs and need another.

How do I know if the Health Dept. requires a city or county card?

Ask your management or you can call your local city or county health department.

Do I need to keep the certificate where I work?

Yes, management needs to verify employees have received their food handler training.

Does it have to be posted where I work?

That depends on your local health department so ask your manager.

Is this course difficult and complex?

No, it’s to the point and designed for food handlers.

How do I print my certificate?

While taking the course each section has a green button named “Mark Complete” on the bottom of each section topic. Make sure to select “Mark Complete” after each page once you are done reading and studying. It is important that the system knows you have completed each page or your PRINT CERTIFICATE button will not appear after successfully taking your section quizzes!

Once successfully completed you should see this:

Who is Ms. Ree?

She is a food safety professional who taught food handler classes for 20 yrs. She has worked with state and federal food safety regulations her entire career. Ms. Ree enjoys what she does and thinks you’ll find the course interesting and helpful.

About Ms. Ree

Ms. Ree is a food safety professional who has been working with state and federal regulations for 25 yrs. For many years she taught food handlers in the traditional classroom setting. In today’s work world, time is of the essence and she realizes there is a need for on-line food handler training. She decided to take her knowledge and create an on-line state accredited course for employees. She has kept it simple and straightforward. Her years of experience have given her the opportunity to work one-on-one with many food handlers. She has written a course that is not complex and to the point. She knows employees want a clear explanation about safe food handling. We hope you decide to take her course and learn the food safety basic principles to keep the food safe for your customers.